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Sea wall’s Repair

We service all of central Arkansas call us today for your free estimate.

Arkansas has a bunch of lakes and if you enjoy your land,  you better have a seawall or sea wall.

We can help you build your new seawall or repair your old sea wall, we have done hundreds of seawalls around hot springs, Arkansas, call us today and ask for a free estimate on the cost to repair or build.

Types of walls we service

When you get your sea wall repaired, the first thing we do is pressure wash the wall real good, removing all loose mortar joints or loose rocks if its a rock wall. then we go over the wall filling any small holes or where the mortar joints fell out.

This will help make the wall stronger again. And giving it strength is the number one thing we should do for the seawall. It also helps keeping water from the lake getting behind the sea wall and eating away at your land behind it. Notice the ground behind your wall is lower in areas? thats the water getting behind there and taking your land away literally and thats money outta your pocket!

Remember, if your seawall is really bad you will need to get a permit before they stop taking applications this year after the lake goes down.

So no matter what your sea wall is made of rock or block or concrete give us a call and we can give you a free estimate.

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