Concrete Acid Stain Colors

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 Acid staining concrete in arkansas

Acid staining your concrete isn’t something new, but man o man what it can do for a plain concrete look. Consider the options you can achieve now with  designs, Multiple colors, Patterns the options are unlimited with acid staining. Acid staining is a chemical reaction in which changes the color of your concrete and can last many years if you do use a concrete sealer every few years it can last for many many years.

Some people say why cant i just paint it? well, concrete and paint don’t really get along, the moisture coming out of the concrete always messes with the paint, even when its the paint meant for concrete. Acid stain the concrete for a better looking product and a longer lasting look. Getting your concrete acid stained is prolly the best way to upgrade your old pool deck, driveway or patio.


With so many colors to choose from, concrete acid stain is not only gonna upgrade your concrete your neighbors will be envious of your new look. We gladly will come to Little rock ar, Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village to acid stain your concrete. Give us a call cause we can do it all.

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